Why creative play?

Playing in a mud kitchen is more than simply fun for fun’s sake. There are lots more reasons to get creative in a mud kitchen:

Why mud?

There are lots of ways to get your child playing creatively. So what is it with mud?

Intellectual stimulus

A mud kitchen tests and develops everything from memory (remembering everyone’s mud pie order), to maths skills (counting ingredients), to geometry (dealing with shapes, cutters etc) to problem solving (eg how do I get this pan of ingredients into that container?)

Mud makes you happier and smarter

Scientific studies have shown that mud contains microscopic bacteria that increase the levels of serotonin in our brains and improve cognitive function. So messing about in the mud is scientifically proven to help children (and adults) relax, stay calm, and get cleverer.

Physical benefits

Stirring, decanting, cutting and picking/digging ingredients all help develop fine motor skills. And when a mud kitchen spends all summer outdoors in the fresh air, so does your child!

Connect with nature

We hear so much about how children spend their entire lives indoors facing the TV. A mud kitchen gives children a great reason to step outside, explore and learn about their world.

Emotional and social benefits

Creative expression can be an incredibly positive outlet for children of any age. And as our mud kitchens have plenty of room for friends to create together, it’s a great catalyst for helping children socialise.

Mud makes you healthier

Yes it’s messy, but research has shown mucking around in the, er, muck (especially when it’s wet) is great for the immune system. No need for antibacterial wipes when they’ve finished. Soap and water will be fine.

Communication skills

From collecting orders to choosing ingredients and negotiating who’s doing what, a mud kitchen inspires no end of conversation.

Mud helps you learn and encourages creative thinking

If you don’t jump start your child’s creativity at an early age it can be much harder to stimulate it in later life. Creative play now feeds the imagination, and the sensory experience of mud play is a brilliant way to feed the brain.

Mud’s for everyone

12 months or 7 years, it doesn’t matter what your age or developmental level – every child can do something with, and get something out of – playing with mud.

Bring the outdoors in!

A mud kitchen doesn’t always need mud. Discover what happens when you bring a mud kitchen in for the winter…

Just because the summers ends, doesn’t mean the creative fun needs to stop. Give it a good hose down, and bring the mud kitchen indoors.

Get their creativity cooking.


Cooking up creativity!

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Cooking up creativity!

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