Passionate about creative play

James, Kate and their young family live on the Fylde Coast – where they make every mud kitchen by hand, and with love.

James & Family

“When you have young kids, you seem to spend your life hopping from one play session or parents’ group to the next. I think that was where Kate first saw a mud kitchen. It was a bit rough and ready (knocked together by someone’s grandad, I think) but it had a magnetic pull on the children present.

“And that got us thinking…

“We’re passionate about creative play. We want our children to love exploring the world around them (safely, of course) but we also want their fun time to stimulate the senses and help build their reasoning, problem solving and creativity.

“The problem, as we quickly discovered, was that it’s not easy to find a mud kitchen that’s as safe and reliable (and durable) as any other outdoor playset. So we decided to make our own.

“We’ve never looked back. And neither have the children who’ve fallen in love with our mud kitchens. We hope yours will too.”


>  Explore the lengths we go to to make our mud kitchens really safe
>  Find out why mud kitchens offer much more than messy fun

Get their creativity cooking.


Cooking up creativity!

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Cooking up creativity!

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