Safe, stimulating (messy) play

Imaginations grown – just add mud

Not just for the outdoors!

Safe. Stimulating. Social.

So much more than creative play

You only have to look at what happens when a child discovers a mud kitchen for the first time to realise that it stimulates far more than fun.

While they’re mixing up a ‘delicious’ mud pie, the mud kitchen is helping to serve up a whole different set of ingredients. From problem solving to number skills, social interaction to sensory development and a love of nature and the outdoors (as opposed to a love of the iPad and the TV) , you’ll be amazed at what a mud kitchen could give your child.

Our mud kitchens are great in gardens but just as ideal for yards or indoors and unlike slides and swings, they’re fine tucked up against a wall where they don’t take up much space.

Handcrafted in the UK from sustainable materials and conforming to a whole range of European and British safety standards, order your mud kitchen from Mud Kitchens R Fun now.

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Adults & kids playing with our mud kitchen

Get their creativity cooking.